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Andrew gave an interview to Vents Magazine

I gave an interview to Vents Magazine.  Here's an excerpt:

Vents Magazine: Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
Andrew Neesley: We’re great, thanks!

VM: Can you please introduce and tell us more about Jesus On The Mainline?
AN: This is Andrew Neesley, singer and band leader. We got together as a band in late 2012.Many of us have played together in previous bands, one-off gigs, tours, etc. Tomek, our bassist, and I worked together on an album for another band a while ago. We liked working together–and found out that we’re both from Wisco. That sealed the deal. Tomek brought aboard his roommate at the time, Dave Scalia, our drummer–also from Wisco. Singer Mel and I have been making music together for years and, you guessed it, is also a Wisco transplant. The story runs the same throughout the band. The finest musicians I know, and with whom am very close friends.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Joe's Pub sold out again

Oh man. You guys did it again. Another sold out show at Joe's Pub. Thanks Natalie for a killing opening set and for everybody in the band for pulling off a great night of music. Thanks also to the staff at Joe's and everybody at 3 Sheets Saloon during the afterparty. Good times.

See you at the next one!

Mercury Lounge was at capacity

I'm still pumped from this show. Mercury Lounge is deceivingly big--yet an intimate atmosphere. You can get right up into the show from just about anywhere. Perfect venue for JOTM. And the club was at capacity with you fine people. What a fun night.

Mel Flannery Trucking Co. released an EP following their opening set. Which killed. Of course. So does the EP, called Autoheart. Check it out.

Check out some photos from the show here.

The Bowery Ballroom sold out

Holy shit. Our recent show at The Bowery Ballroom sold out. There were almost 700 people at the show. Blowing my mind.

The music played by opening bands Hudson Hank, heylady, and Pete Ayres Band were great. Sam, Josh & Nina, and Pete--thanks for all your hard work.

Everybody at The Bowery Ballroom was a pleasure to work with. And thanks to Hair Of The Dog for kicking ass at the after party. You guys rock!

And the band... What can I say? The guys and gals are the absolute best. I cannot think of a group of people I'd rather take the stage with.

We've got some ideas cooking for the fall.  See you then.


Holy shit! We're headlining THE BOWERY BALLROOM! This is the band's biggest show yet, and we want YOU to be a part of it.

Just last night, we hit at Arlene's Grocery, to yet another capacity crowd. We're bummed some of you couldn't get in! Don't miss out on this show! Get your tickets today:

I can't believe it's been only 11 months since we first took the stage.  What a blast it's been so far.  Thanks for all of your support!

Joining us on August 20 will be our friends Hudson Hank, and Pete Ayres Band!  Hudson Hank will be releasing their debut album produced by Coldplay bassist, Guy Berryman. We've a few other special guests that we'll announce closer to the show.

Joe's Pub sold out

Well, we sold out Joe's Pub. The show rocked.  I had so much fun.  The band killed.  Joining us on this show was Luis Bonilla, trombone extraordinaire.  Man did he fucking kill it as well.  No rehearsal, just stand up and kill it.

Hudson Hank opened the night with a set of synth-driven original music.  They're led by JOTM trumpet player, Sam Oatts.  He's one of the smartest musicians I know.  He's been all over the world playing trumpet and singing.Their debut album was produced by Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman.  Keep an eye and out and an ear open for it.

Thankfully the Joe's Pub stage was a little bigger than to what we're accustomed...

See you at the next one on March 27 at Rockwood Music Hall.  Pops Neesley is playing tuba.  Mel is singing a solo set to kick off the night.  My buddy Pete Ayres is doing a full band set, then we headline the night.