Joe's Pub sold out

Well, we sold out Joe's Pub. The show rocked.  I had so much fun.  The band killed.  Joining us on this show was Luis Bonilla, trombone extraordinaire.  Man did he fucking kill it as well.  No rehearsal, just stand up and kill it.

Hudson Hank opened the night with a set of synth-driven original music.  They're led by JOTM trumpet player, Sam Oatts.  He's one of the smartest musicians I know.  He's been all over the world playing trumpet and singing.Their debut album was produced by Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman.  Keep an eye and out and an ear open for it.

Thankfully the Joe's Pub stage was a little bigger than to what we're accustomed...

See you at the next one on March 27 at Rockwood Music Hall.  Pops Neesley is playing tuba.  Mel is singing a solo set to kick off the night.  My buddy Pete Ayres is doing a full band set, then we headline the night.