Rockwood Music Hall was at capacity

Hi ya'll.  Our show on Dec. 4th went great.  The crowd was at the capacity of the venue.  We had to turn people away! The band barely fit on stage.  Actually, we didn't.  Mark on tuba was holding down the low end from off stage.  Hilarious.  But that's what I dig about Rockwood, the intimate vibe.

The staff is awesome too.  I used to work with the bartender Elena--she's the jam.  You should go back, see more good music, and tip her lots.

It was a full week of non-stop music.  First Mel had a solo show on Monday, then we lit it up on Tuesday, Natalie was playing Thursday night.  Amanda had a show the following Tuesday.  Even our ol' buddy Adam was playing Rockwood on that Sunday.  While I hate sweeping superlatives, it was all great.

Community is good for the soul.