This is a post suckas

What up. I'm writing. Here on I'm going to interview the band, creating an episodic podcast about our music. I'll also be posting the transcripts of the interviews here on our blog. Something similar will be done for our fans. I like getting to know people, hearing their stories. They make for good compositional inspiration. You can join in on all the fun but tagging your Instgram photos with #jotm. They'll appear here on the site. It'll be fancy I swear. Fuck yeah. Hit me up on Twitter too @neesley. I'm not going to create a separate account for JOTM, although you can tag #jotm on Twitter. Whatdoyaknow, we're also on Facebook. This will be the last time you'll hear me pumping all that shit up though, at least for a while.  I don't respect the people begging you to follow them on this social network or that social network.  It screams desperation. When I stopped focusing on how many fucking Facebook friends the band had, and on the music I'm writing, life became a bit more enjoyable.  Who knew?...  Though I do enjoy using social networking for providing a means to keep in touch with long-away friends and family. If you like the music, listen.  That's it.